Friday, June 08, 2007

We spent most of the day at the Festival. It was a bit cool as there was a cold front last night so the high temp was in the mid-70's. Today we walked around Oakdale Park to see some of the art exhibits, listened to several bands at 2 different stages, and enjoyed some good food and treats. We also looked at the crafts booths and craft demonstrations. One of the cool things about this festival is that there is art everywhere in the park. There are the giant wooden spiders, the poetry wall, the wrapped trees, riverbank mural, the kinetic wheel scupture on a bridge, the art car exhibit, and the painted sand sculpture. The sand sculpture this year is a dragon, which we plan to check every day to see its progress. We heard some really good music today - some local groups, one KC group (Lisa Henry Jazz Group), and a Texas band called Needfire (Hard Rock Celtic music) which we liked so well that we picked up their CD.
Tomorrow should be a fairly warm day and the Fine Art Show will start.


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