Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last day in Salina. We packed everything into the car and then went to the festival for a few hours. First we checked out the sand sculpture - the dragon was mostly complete and in color. Then we went to Stage 2 to listen to a couple of groups. It was warm today but there was a nice breeze. There was not nearly as many people there today. There was a lot of space in the grass by the main stage which was packed with chairs, blankets and umbrellas yesterday. Stage 2 (under the tent) was only half-filled with chairs and we were able to sit on a bench. After we listened to some music, we walked through part of the Fine Art Show to look again at one of the booths that impressed us yesterday, and picked out 2 small pictures of math/computer-generated art. After that we headed home. We had a good time and took in a lot of art and music. Look for pictures of the festival soon on our website.


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