Monday, June 12, 2006

Saturday Drive #1

I enjoy a nice drive. I like to explore the Kansas City area and find fun, twisting, country roads.

I found one this weekend that was a delight.

Heading north on I-435 (Kansas side) just past Leavenworth road is the exit for Kansas 5 (Exit 18).
This is a wonderful country road that winds its way to Leavenworth.

At the exit, turn left to get on to Kansas 5.

What you will see on this drive:
A dirt race track.
Lakeside Speedway.
A llama farm.
Two Lansing correctional facilities.
The Leavenworth National Cemetery. I recommend stopping here for quiet contemplation and paying your respects.

This drive will take you to Muncie Road and Kansas 7 in Leavenworth.

Come back to Kansas City via 5 or 7.