Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last day in Salina. We packed everything into the car and then went to the festival for a few hours. First we checked out the sand sculpture - the dragon was mostly complete and in color. Then we went to Stage 2 to listen to a couple of groups. It was warm today but there was a nice breeze. There was not nearly as many people there today. There was a lot of space in the grass by the main stage which was packed with chairs, blankets and umbrellas yesterday. Stage 2 (under the tent) was only half-filled with chairs and we were able to sit on a bench. After we listened to some music, we walked through part of the Fine Art Show to look again at one of the booths that impressed us yesterday, and picked out 2 small pictures of math/computer-generated art. After that we headed home. We had a good time and took in a lot of art and music. Look for pictures of the festival soon on our website.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Today was very warm and sunny. We managed to spend most of the afternoon in the shade. We listened to music at both stages. One of the stages has bleachers under the trees and the other is under a large tent. We have heard a lot of good music and discovered new bands. We looked at the Fine Art Show booths. The Fine Art Show was in an open sunny area, so we were a bit uncomfortable, although we saw some amazing art and we were next to Stage 2 so we could hear Needfire again. They attract a large audience and get very loud!
By now it is late afternoon so we took the shuttle to the car and relaxed at the hotel. For dinner, we went to Jim's Country Style Chicken for fried chicken. It is a local restaurant that has been in business for about 30 years - it is a casual homestyle place that only serves chicken. It was good. After dinner we picked up shakes at Bogey's.

Friday, June 08, 2007

We spent most of the day at the Festival. It was a bit cool as there was a cold front last night so the high temp was in the mid-70's. Today we walked around Oakdale Park to see some of the art exhibits, listened to several bands at 2 different stages, and enjoyed some good food and treats. We also looked at the crafts booths and craft demonstrations. One of the cool things about this festival is that there is art everywhere in the park. There are the giant wooden spiders, the poetry wall, the wrapped trees, riverbank mural, the kinetic wheel scupture on a bridge, the art car exhibit, and the painted sand sculpture. The sand sculpture this year is a dragon, which we plan to check every day to see its progress. We heard some really good music today - some local groups, one KC group (Lisa Henry Jazz Group), and a Texas band called Needfire (Hard Rock Celtic music) which we liked so well that we picked up their CD.
Tomorrow should be a fairly warm day and the Fine Art Show will start.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today we drove to Salina, KS to attend the Smoky Hill River Festival. It was a nice drive with only a few raindrops. When we arrived in Salina, we drove through town and noticed some new buildings and businesses, stopped to look at the building that Steven designed (a branch office of his company), and went to the hotel. Since Gregg went to college in Salina, he is familiar with the town. About 6 pm we went to Oakdale Park to hear local bands play at the Festival Jam - every 15 minutes a different band played. We stayed about an hour then decided to have burgers at Bogey's, drove through downtown Salina and then back to the hotel to relax.
Tomorrow is the first full day of the festival and we have picked out some of the bands we would like to hear and checked out the list of food vendors. That's it for now. Diane