Monday, July 03, 2006

It is Monday July 3rd in Chicago. It rained all morning so we took a cab to the Field Museum. We already had tickets to the King Tutankhamun exhibit as they limit the number of people that go in every half hour. It was a very interesting exhibit. There were a lot of beautiful things like the gold and jewelry found with King Tut. There were also miniature items made to represent items he used or needed in the afterlife. The end of the exhibit had CAT-scan images of the mummy and the items on him or wrapped up in the cloth (like a gold dagger). We also looked at the Ancient Egypt exhibit with the life-size tomb and mummies, T-Rex Sue skeleton and info, and Pacific Spirits about tropical islands and cultures. Late afternoon we took the bus back to the hotel.

We braved the crowds to go to the Taste of Chicago for dinner (crowded is an understatement - it was wall to wall people). A lot of people were in Grant Park for the free orchestra performance and fireworks tonight. The newspapers estimate was 1 million people. We decided to watch the fireworks from the hotel.


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